Where is your studio?

-I'm based out of upstate NY, A short drive from NYC and accessible by train (Metro North)

What do you charge?

-My rate varies because I try to work with everyone's budget. I offer independent artist rates and bulk rates, so make sure you mention how many songs you need mixed when you reach out.

I live far away, can we still work together?

-Of course! Most of my clients are out of town, some are even overseas! The process is simple: Send me your mix-ready files, and I send you back your mix. Send me your notes and I'll get you revisions.

Do you mix in the box or on a console?


-Both! When the budget allows I love mixing on large-format consoles. Mixing in the box allows me to be efficient with minimal overhead costs and keep the rate friendly for smaller budgets.

Can I attend my mix session?

-Yes! You are more than welcome to come hang while I mix your songs, however I always suggest coming in for revisions instead so you are hearing your finished mix for the first time with fresh ears, and not after listening to it all day like I do!